We all experience grief. It’s the process we go through after the death of a family member or friend. However, children display grief and loss differently from teens and adults. Grief will often manifest itself in their academics, behaviour, emotions, social interactions and physical actions. The support that children receive during their grief is crucial. It will impact their health, relationships, and future success in school.

Child and Youth Grief Support

Our trained Bereavement Coordinator provides short-term individual and family support to anyone who needs it. Our services are designed to meet the individual’s specific needs and help people of all ages. We also make referrals to specialized professionals if further support is needed.

This group is aimed at helping children deal with their grief. They will learn how to channel their grief in a positive way through crafts and sharing with others in the group. The winter session begins January 24 and runs on Thursday from 3:30pm to 5:15pm in the Mission Hospice Society resource room. 

Every July, we give bereaved children the gift of a few days at Camp Zajac. Horseback riding, archery, and kayaking are some of the great activities these children get to enjoy. All children, including those who have successfully gone through our Circle of Friends program, are invited to attend the camp free of charge.

This is an 8 week support group offered to Heritage Park Middle School students who are dealing with grief and loss. This support group is offered two times per year, our next session is set to start April 11th, 1:50pm.