We are a non-profit, volunteer-based organization offering a wide range of programs and services, supporting families and loved ones through end of life compassionate care. 

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life for individuals and families facing grief and loss or end of life transition through compassionate care, resources, and advocacy.

Our Vision

To support all individuals in our community through the process of grief and loss and end of life transition.

Board of Directors

  • Mike Scudder, President
  • David Goodier, Director
  • Sean Melia, Treasurer
  • Tammy Miller,  Director
  • Chris Stenerson, Director

  • Bill Else, Director
  • Arlene James, Director
  • Remco Bergman, Director
  • Coleen Battel, Director
  • Ellen Nguyen, Director
  • The Team

    Angel Elias

    Jacqueline Harris

    Child & Youth Coordinator

    Cory Cassel

    Events & Marketing Coordinator

    Fran Rennison

    Administrative Assistant

    Siobhan Milne

    Volunteer Coordinator

    Lori Veres

    Grief Coordinator